Dear Shane & Daragh,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to offer my prices for your consideration. I have grouped these in an effort to make them clear, but I am happy to talk these through with you.

I think the best way to gauge my costs would be to have an understanding of how they are structured. You mentioned that you liked the modifications that I had made to the image of the property at Durabhan Bheag – I had changed the sky, put in some bushes and saplings, dried the wall on the left, removed some spots, removed the lamp-post and put some furniture in the front room and aligned the left hand side of the house to being upright. This was a low quality process, just to allow for showing a comparison – a before and after scenario.

Our hourly rate is €40.  This is the basis for all of our costs.  To have a couple of images touched up in a similar way to that mentioned above would cost €40 for 2-3, depending on time taken.  So I would expect to spend an hour touching up 2-3 images.


Virtual Show-House

You provide me with a photo of a room, and I fill it with virtual furniture, light fittings and floor etc., would take me approximately 2 hours, so this would have a round cost of €75 – €80  For example:

Video and Brochure package- Price approximately €240

This is an example of a video, with a PDF to match. Click the icon below to see the PDF for Durabhan Bheag.  These are only samples and you would expect better sound and image quality in actual videos.

Property Websites

We can create a new independent website for each property development processed by Heskin Auctioneers.  The cost for each website will depend on the amount of work required.  If we can work to a standard that will not require much variation, this will help us manage the costs.  Working on the basis that there will be strong similarities between these sites, we can quote a rough estimate of €450 to €550 per website.  This will include Domain Registration and hosting for one year on our web server.  Email addresses can be created for each site i.e.  Mail from all of these sites can be forwarded to your main email address.


Pre-Build Graphics

We can prepare images of your properties before they are even built.  Given access to the builders DWG files, we can build a 3d version of your house,  apply a rendering process throughout – internal and external – and have fully operational images available for your marketing purposes before a sod is even turned.  Not only can we create the images, we can create 360 degree tours! As you can imagine, building a virtual house takes a lot of time and as such, the costs for this service reflect our work effort.  It would be best for me to talk to you to explain the costings, but for guidelines, each room built, rendered and furnished is approximately €445 if you provide the DWG files. From a PDF it would be €480 per room and if it was just something that you drew, it would be €550.  It gets a little complicated so it’s best discussed in person.

You can have a look at an example of a 360 tour, created before the house was built. Click the image below:


For guidelines, this 360 tour cost €2,200 – €550 for each red dot!


Other Services

We offer many other imaging services but we are also experts in all aspects of IT! So for personalised quality customer service and tech solutions for everything, feel free to contact us whenever suits.
Many thanks,
John Morris